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Here is a selection of reviews/interviews etc to be found on the interweb – if you would like a review added please send us an email.

So far this page just consists of stuff on the internet , should you find anything in print you feel should be up on here please feel free to scan it and send it to us and we’ll get it up on here.

Happy reading Brothers and Sisters!


August: FLASHTIGHT POCKET: 10th Anniversary Show review

July: PURE RAWK – Rare Gumbo review

July: UBER ROCK – Bristol live review

July: APE MAN VINYL – Glastonbury top 10 highlights

July: OFFICIAL GLASTONBURY WEBSITE – featured highlight pic

June: WHISPERING AND HOLLERING – Bristol live review

June: THIS IS CABARET – 10th Anniversary Show review

June: UBER ROCK – Paul-Ronney Angel interview exclusive

June: THIS IS CABARET – – Rare Gumbo review

June: UBER ROCK – Hebden Bridge live review

June: GET READY TO ROCK – – Rare Gumbo review

June: SONIC SHOCKS – Rare Gumbo review

May: UBER ROCK – Rare Gumbo review

May: LOUDER THAT WAR – Rare Gumbo review


December: WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN – Bristol live review

November: ALTERNATIVE BLOG – Utrecht live review (in Dutch)

October: RENNES 1720 – Rennes live show review (in French, worth a look just for the caricatures!)

October: INDIE BERLIN – Gypsy Hotel Berlin live review

September: FLASHTIGHT POCKET – Leeds live review

August: MIDLAND ROCKS  – Bulldog Bash live review

June: WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN – London live review

June: LOUDER THAN WAR – Glasgow live review

June: SCORPIO RISING – Nottingham live review

June: FLASHTIGHT POCKET – York live review

June: UBER ROCK – York live review

May: CLASSIC ROCK – Feature/Interview (as featured in Classic Rock Magazine)

March: STEREO BOARD – “Cheers For The Tears” tour preview

February: GET READY TO ROCK – “Rather You Shot Me Down” single review

February: UBER ROCK – London live review

January: UBER ROCK – York live review


December: INDIE STYLE – “In Black’N’Red” album review (in Dutch)

November: PUNX.NL – “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll”album review (in Dutch)

August: AN ARMCHAIR CRITIC – “Bourbon Soaked GypsyBlues Bop’n’Stroll” album review

July: PURE RAWK – “In Black’N’Red” album review

June: NI PUNK – Belfast live review

June: ROCK AND ROAD – Feature/Interview (in German, as featured in Dynamite Magazine)

June: LOUDER THAN WAR – Short interview with Paul-RonneyAngel

July: BBC – Radio 4 with Clive Anderson

May: MUSOS GUIDE – “In Black’N’Red” album review

May: BIG CHEESE – “In Black’N’Red” album review 5/5

May: PURE RAWK – London live review

May: IT’S A XXXX THING – Glasgow live review

May: UBER ROCK – “In Black’N’Red” album review

May: AMAZON – “In Black’N’Red” album reviews by customers

May: EXAMINER – “In Black’N’Red” album review

January: CELTIC FOLK PUNK – Band feature


December: WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN – “Goodbye To Another Year” single review

December: TROUBLEZINE – Milan live review (in Italian)

December: MONSTERS & CRITICS – “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll” album review (in German)

November: UBER ROCK – interview with Paul-Ronney Angel about “In Black’N’Red”

October: VIXXEN – interview with Paul-Ronney Angel in this South African magazine

July: E FESTIVALS – Pics from our show with Paul McCartney in Hyde Park, London

June: DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL – Pictures of the most non-metal band who played there that year!


December: DISTORTED MAGAZINE – supporting New York Dolls live review

November: VIVE LE ROCK – Feature + Paul-Ronney Angel’s Top 10 Outlaw Tunes

October: CLASSIC ROCK – Track Of The Day – “Always Out”

September: ROCK’N’ROLL CENTRAL – “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll” album review (in Norwegian)

July: WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN – “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll” album review 10/10

July: AMAZON – “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll” album reviews by customers

February: LATEST 7 – Brighton live review


February: WASHINGTON POST – First US visit preview