The Urban Voodoo Machine

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Review: Love, Drink & Death
in Vive Le Rock

By Gerry Ranson Vive Le Rock

Review: Love, Drink & Death
in The Guardian

The Urban Voodoo Machine are an 11-piece London band who come on like a raucous answer to New York’s Hazmat Modine. The lineup includes brass, fiddle, accordion, harmonica, standup bass and guitar, and their influences range from New Orleans Mardi Gras styles to gospel, folk-blues and rockabilly, with Balkan gypsy brass added in. They are [...]

Review: Love, Drink & Death
in Über Rock

Hooray I hear you say, another record from London's dark and mysterious underbelly courtesy of the lovable Gypsy blues bop 'n' stroll beat combo otherwise known as The Urban Voodoo Machine. Led by songwriter and frontman Paul-Ronney Angel, 2014 is now ready to take birth of this most wonderful collection of songsmithery as we brace [...]

Review: Love, Drink & Death
in Lemmy’s Beard Blogspot

The Urban Voodoo Machine are one of the most intriguing and genuinely unique bands out there at this moment in time, or anytime for that matter. They play with an energy and swagger that many bands make huge efforts to garner, with Paul-Ronney and his band of misfits however, it is as natural as night [...]