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Goodnight My Dear

I sit alone and I’m thinkin’
Drinkin’ my last toast to you
In the morning when you wake
I’ll be gone and you’ll be feeling blue
Goodnight my dear

I won’t leave you a note
Cos’ words have no meaning anymore
My heart feels like stone
But I know you won’t be alone
Goodnight my dear

I sail my ship across the ocean
Into the great unknown
If it’s better over there
I’ll only know when I’m gone
Goodnight my dear

Oh you know I love you darling
And I’m sorry
Gotta leave you now
Goodnight my little darling

So when the music starts playing
And the angels are singing out loud
Well I hope you remember me
For all of the good times we had
Goodnight my dear

Written by Paul-Ronney Angel

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