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Help Me Jesus

Help me Jesus
Try to save my soul
Save me Jesus
From Rock and Roll
Got a devil on my back
And he ain’t paying rent
He’s got me into trouble
He’s got me all spent
Please help me Jesus
Cos’ I’m going down

So help me Jesus
Got nowhere else to turn
Yeah help me Jesus
I don’t wanna burn
I’m laying in the gutter
You’re my only point of call
I see your reflection 
As I’m climbing the wall
Yeah help me Jesus
Pick me up

I’ll be so good Lord
Yes I will
I’ll clean my act up
And I’ll do your will
I’m waiting for the rain
To wash my sins away
Please dear Lord
Don’t give me hell to pay
Help me Jesus
Find a better way

Help me Jesus
Save my ass
Save me Jesus
I’m going down fast
The writing’s on the wall
The pressure’s going up
Won’t you lend a helping hand
And try to make it stop
Please help me Jesus
Help me along

Written by Paul-Ronney Angel

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