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J-Roni’s taking a break

Hi guys, I am about to have a shoulder operation which means I’m not going to be able to play with the band for  a few months (which is really killing me). Luckily I have my pal Joni Belaruski. (The Great Malarky) sitting in for me on most of the  gigs that I can’t do. A few months ago I fell down some stairs and snapped two tendons, this exposed a previously undiagnosed problem, unfortunately this cannot be fixed, but hopefully the pain can be dealt with so I can concentrate on getting back on the drums and working around this limitation of movement and be able to pick up my baby who is due in January. Thanks for baring with me and you may see me at gigs behind the merch desk.


The Late J-Roni-Moe
A.K.A.  The One Armed Bandit


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