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Nothing To Me

Don’t try to piss on my chips
It ain’t gonna soak it’s made of stronger shit
And don’t try to pull me down to your level
Really you just make me laugh
Too many promises
Too many chances
What’s going on around here?
Are you still looking for an alibi?
Now everyone’s running away
Still waiting to get paid
If there’s a bar at the gates of hell
We might see face to face
Well bind your time and do that hard luck sale
Cos’ all you are now is nothing to me
Yeah, if there’s a bar at the debts of hell
We could share a smoke and a joke
Never say never only time will tell
But all you are now is nothing to me
So you read the book
About the masters and servants, lovers and crooks
Guess I knew you all along
Takes one to know one they say
And that was my mistake
You’ve spent all your get-out-of-jail cards
And sympathy votes
And you’re all tangled up now
With no one to cut you lose
The truth comes tumbling down
An eye for an eye
And a pound for a pound

Written By Paul-Ronney Angel


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