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Paul-Ronney on recording with Wilko Johnson

“I’ve been a massive fan of Wilko for years and was really keen to work with him. Our accordion played Slim (Blockheads/Boot Hill Foot Tappers/Joe Ely) has been guesting with him on and off for almost 30 years, so I got him to ask if he was up for a studio jam with us. We were chuffed when the reply came back with the words “I’d be delighted to”!

I wanted to create a raw and exciting vibe for these recordings, and I am very pleased we got it. What you hear is basically six musicians playing live in a room with only some horns, harmonica and fiddle overdubbed for extra spice.

The fact that Wilko had been at the Royal Opera House the night before, having Elton John pass on his lifetime achievement award to him, and now he was ‘kicking out the jams’ with us and swigging lager out of a can, in a cramped backstreet East London studio should be testament enough to how great a man he is!”

– Paul-Ronney Angel


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