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Pledge To Pre-order New Album Now!

Well Brothers and Sisters our third studio album ‘Love, Drink & Death’
is now finally finished!

We’ve recorded 16 tracks with Alex McGowan in London’s Space Eko Studios and as usual we’ve had a few friends dropping by to jam: Wilko Johnson, Steve Conte and Jim Jones to name a few (Jim has also been involved in the mastering of the album.)

So the album is all done and is set for release 15th September but if you pledge you will receive the album on the 1st September AND you’ll get access to our updates page in which we’ll be posting lots of crazy s**t from on the road.

There are signed CDs, handwritten lyric sheets, exclusive t-shirts, even our well loved gong and P-R’s old acoustic guitar, all exclusive to PledgeMusic. Plus, whatever you decide to pledge on, you will automatically receive a download of the album.

Check out the video and get involved!

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