Love, Drink & Death – CD


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Love, Drink & Death is the long-awaited third studio album from The Urban Voodoo Machine. This spine-tingling 16-tracker delivers in spades; fans of the group’s unique, dirty London take on a whole lot of styles from Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Latin, Gypsy, Country, Jazz, Klezmer and more, will not be disappointed and a new crew of converts must be expected on the strength of this album.

Track Listing –

1.  Your Hour Of Darkness
2.  Pipe & Slippers Man
3.  Crazy Maria
4.  Captain Of A Sinking Ship
5.  Not With You
6.  Train Wreck Blues
7.  Don’t Mess With The Hat
8.  Loretta’s Revenge
9.   Drinking My Life Away
10. Nothing To Me
11.  Sharkwaters
12.  Jimmy Cuba
13.  Hid The Bottle
14.  Help Me Jesus
15.  Goodnight My Dear
16.  The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Second Line