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Review: Love, Drink & Death
in Get Ready To Rock

The Urban Voodoo Machine return with their third album and they carry on where they left off mixing rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, music hall, Latin, jazz, country – nearly every musical style going bar dub step and death metal!

Never a band to shy away from doing something different the raucous opener ‘Your Hour Of Darkness’ was co-written with the band’s friend Sam Powell, nothing unusual there you’d think until you find out he’s been dead for ten years. ‘Pipe & Slippers Man’ (check out YouTube for the video featuring Rat Scabies) is a great piece of music hall knock about whilst ‘Crazy Maria’ taps into their Latino influences.

‘Help Me Jesus’ (released as the lead single of the album) mixes gospel with Dr Feelgood, the latter helped by having Wilko Johnson guests on it. If you’re after a late at night, reflective tune look no further than ‘Good Night My Dear’, a song helped greatly by the gruff vocals of Paul-Ronney Angel.

The fact the band cover so many musical areas could put some off listening to them and that would be a shame as the UVM are great fun on album and live, as I can vouch for having seen them at this year’s Guilfest. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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