Rare Gumbo

Released: 2013 Tracks: Last Dance Of The Silver Wolf Going Hot Going Down The Death Of Celestina Rose You Got Me (By The Balls) Corpse in My Trunk Killer Sound - EP Version Recipe For Disaster Orphans Lament - EP Version Alone In The City - EP Version Devil On A String Police Paranoia Here Comes The Thunder Emptiness - EP Version Gawkagogo Plenty More Room We Don't Want Your Love Six Weeks On The Road The Real Criminals - EP Version Love Song 666 - EP Version Hells Bells

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In Black ‘n’ Red

Released: 2011 Tracks: Go East Cheers For The Tears S.OS. (Swim or Sink) Rather You Shot Me Down High Jeopardy Thing Run For Your Money Lighting From A Blues Sky Off To Rehab Alone In The City Good For You? Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) Goodbye To Another Year

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Gypsy Hotel Vol.1

Released: 2011 Tracks: Plenty More Room Pub With No Name Sota Good Time Religion Fish 2 Fry Iraq Blues The Story Of Mama Rosin Lonely Nights Home Sweet Hackney Bobby Peru I Put A Spell On You Romantic Ireland is Dead And Gone I slept Late She's A Sham Satan You Kingdom Must Come Down Gawk-a-Gogo

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