• Track Listing
    1. Always Out
    2. Orphan's Lament
    3. Love Song #666
    4. Goodbye To Another Year Ft. Sami Yaffa
    5. Cheers For The Tears
    6. High Jeopardy Thing Ft. Jim Jones
    7. Rather You Shot Me Down
    8. Help Me Jesus Ft. Wilko Johnson (Radio Edit)
    9. Pipe & Slippers Man
    10. Goodnight My Dear (Radio Edit)
    11. Crazy Maria (Bone Edit)
    12. While We Were All Asleep
    13. Fallen Brothers
    14. Rusty Water & Coffin Nails
    15. January Blues
    16. Dirty Water Ft. The Inmates' Peter Gunn & Tony Oliver [Bonus Track]
  • Track Listing:
    1. Down In A Hole
    2. Always Out
    3. Down By The River
    4. Stole My Dog
    5. Can O'Worms
    6. Oh, Lonesome You!
    7. Orphans Lament
    8. No Bail Blues
    9. Love Song #666
    10. Killer Sound
    11. Getting Hot Going Down
    12. Two Ships
    13. The Real Criminals
    14. Emptiness
    15. Theme From The Urban Voodoo Machine
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    Track Listing:
    1. Good Night My Dear
    2. Factory Girl
  • PLEASE NOTE: The first pressing in (RED vinyl) has now sold. The second pressing in BLUE VINYL is available now! Track Listing:

    A) Help Me Jesus - featuring Wilko Johnson AA) Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground)

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    Track Listing
    1. Go East
    2. Cheers For The Tears
    3. S.O.S (Swim Or Sink)
    4. Rather You Shot Me Down
    5. High Jeopardy Thing
    6. Run For Your Money
    7. Lightning From A Blues Sky
    8. Off To Rehab
    9. Alone In The City
    10. Good For You
    11. Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground)
    12. Goodbye To Another Year
  • 7inch vinyl of Johnny Foreigner with Chat Noir Bop on the B-side
  • Love, Drink & Death is the third studio album from The Urban Voodoo Machine. This spine-tingling 16-tracker delivers in spades; fans of the group’s unique, dirty London take on a whole lot of styles from Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Latin, Gypsy, Country, Jazz, Klezmer and more, will not be disappointed. Track Listing
    1. Your Hour Of Darkness
    2. Pipe & Slippers Man
    3. Crazy Maria
    4. Captain Of A Sinking Ship
    5. Not With You
    6. Train Wreck Blues
    7. Don’t Mess With The Hat
    8. Loretta’s Revenge
    9. Drinking My Life Away
    10. Nothing To Me
    11. Sharkwaters
    12. Jimmy Cuba
    13. Hid The Bottle
    14. Help Me Jesus
    15. Goodnight My Dear
    16. The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Second Line
      Limited Black 'n' Red double vinyl edition. This handsome double album features heavy weight audiophile vinyl in black 'n' red, a gatefold outer sleeve and full colour inner sleeves. Only 200 were pressed and when they are gone they're gone...
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    The Urban Voodoo Machine's first single release of 2014 contains two new songs from the group's forthcoming third studio album Love, Drink & Death, plus bonus track Last of The Silver Wolf taken from The Rare Gumbo rarities compilation CD. Track Listing:
    1. Pipe & Slippers Man
    2. Jimmy Cuba
    3. Last of the Silver Wolf
  • Tracklist
    1. Last Dance Of The Silver Wolf
    2. Getting Hot Going Down (E.P. Version)
    3. The Death Of Celestina Rose
    4. You Got Me (By The Balls)
    5. Corpse In My Trunk
    6. Killer Sound (E.P. Version)
    7. Recipe For Disaster
    8. Orphan's Lament (E.P. Version)
    9. Alone In The City (E.P. Version)
    10. Devil On A String
    11. Police Paranoia
    12. Here Comes The Thunder
    13. Emptiness (E.P. Version)
    14. Gawkagogo
    15. Plenty More Room
    16. We Don't Want Your Love
    17. Six Weeks On The Road
    18. The Real Criminals (E.P. Version)
    19. Love Song #666 (E.P. Version)
    20. Hells Bells
    Bonus Tracks
    1. Go East (BBC Live Session)
    2. High Jeopardy Thing (BBC Live Session)


    Track Listing:

    2. LIVING IN FEAR (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    3. EMPTY PLASTIC CUP (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    4. DROPPING LIKE FLIES (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    5. HELL'S CARAVAN (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    6. GONNA RIOT TONIGHT (Paul-Ronney Angel / Jason Loadsman)
    7. JANUARY BLUES (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    9. JOHNNY FOREIGNER (Paul-Ronney Angel / Gary MIlls)
    10. CARRY YOUR WEIGHT (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    11. LAST MAN SMOKING (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    Vinyl released: 8th May 2024 CD Released 9th Dec, 2022 Recorded at Space Eko East Studio, London, UK by Alex McGowan Produced by Paul-Ronney Angel, Alex McGowan & J-Roni-Moe Artwork by Tony Diavolo
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    LIMITED EDITION 5 TRACK CD EP - JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! (and not a bloody jingle bell in sight!)

    This beauty is released strictly on CD and features 2 previously unreleased tracks, a song only available as a vinyl B side, as well as our 2 last singles which were only available as downloads.


    Track Listing:

    1. EMPTY PLASTIC CUP (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    2. KILLER BRASS SOUND (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    3.LIVING IN FEAR (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    4.CHAT NOIR BOP (Paul-Ronney Angel)
    5.THE LODGER (Mark Gilligan)
    PAUL-RONNEY ANGEL - Lead Vocals & Electric Guitar
    TONY DIAVOLO - Vocals & Electric Guitar
    SLIM - Accordion, Piano & Tenor Horn
    LUCIFIRE - Baritone Vocals & Vocals
    HARRISON 'The Slayer' COLE - Trumpet
    MLLE CHAT NOIR - Violin
    JARY - Drums
    JOE 'MONGO' WHITNEY - Vocals & Washboard
    ROSA MARSH - Spoken Word (1)
    ANE ANGEL- Sousaphone (1&2)
    GEORGE SIMMONDS - Trombone (2)
    ROBIN BLICK - Piccolo Trumpet (2)
    CAPTAIN FUTURE - Vocals (2)
    MISS TERRI ACTION - Trumpet (2)
    STUART DACE - Saxophone (2)
    TOM SPENCER - Vocals & Guitar (3)
    SIANIE HERBERT - Steel Drum (3)
    JAMES BROWN 2 - Vocals (5)
    LIVELY TRISTAN GILLIGAN - Electric Guitar (5) 
    Released 8th December, 2021 Recorded at Space Eko East Studio, London, UK by Alex McGowan Produced by Paul-Ronney Angel & Alex McGowan Artwork by Tony Diavolo
  • Brothers and Sisters, Check out this amazing compilation - 15 different artist that we love and respect who have recorded killer versions of our songs! There's a couple of bonus tracks featuring us too! THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE'S FRIENDS AND FAMILY ALBUM VOL 1. (Compiled and mastered by Alex McGowan at Space Eko East Studio, London)
    1. Orphan's Lament - THE GREAT MALARKEY
    2. Killer Sound - JIM JONES
    3. Help Me Jesus - THE FUTURE SHAPE OF SOUND
    4. High Jeopardy Thing - DR WILL & THE WIZARDS
    5. Bucket Of Blood - SON OF DAVE
    6. Rusty Water & Coffin Nails - TIGRE BLANCO
    7. Emptiness - LEDFOOT
    8. Captain Of A Sinking Ship - BIG BOY BLOATER
    11. Cheers For The Tears - THE BROADWAY TWISTERS
    12. Alone In The City - VIC RUGGIERO & JORY KINJO
    13. Goodbye To Another Year - TV SMITH
    14. Loretta's Revenge - KATHARINE BLAKE
    15. Theme From The Urban Voodoo Machine - LOS PLANTRONICS
    1. Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) - THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE feat. Wilko Johnson
    2. Dirty Water - THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE feat. The Inmates Peter Gunn & Tony Oliver
    All songs written by Paul-Ronney Angel except 4 & 10 written by Paul-Ronney Angel & Nick Marsh and 17 by Ed Cobb.
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