1. Last Dance Of The Silver Wolf
  2. Getting Hot Going Down (E.P. Version)
  3. The Death Of Celestina Rose
  4. You Got Me (By The Balls)
  5. Corpse In My Trunk
  6. Killer Sound (E.P. Version)
  7. Recipe For Disaster
  8. Orphan’s Lament (E.P. Version)
  9. Alone In The City (E.P. Version)
  10. Devil On A String
  11. Police Paranoia
  12. Here Comes The Thunder
  13. Emptiness (E.P. Version)
  14. Gawkagogo
  15. Plenty More Room
  16. We Don’t Want Your Love
  17. Six Weeks On The Road
  18. The Real Criminals (E.P. Version)
  19. Love Song #666 (E.P. Version)
  20. Hells Bells

Bonus Tracks

  1. Go East (BBC Live Session)
  2. High Jeopardy Thing (BBC Live Session)