Love, Drink & Death

Released: 2014 Tracks: Your Hour of Darkness Pipe and Slippers Man Crazy Maria Captain of a Ship Not With You Train Wreck Blues Don't Mess With The Hat Loretta's Revenge Drinking My Life Away Nothing To Me Sharkwaters Jimmy Cuba Hid The Bottle Help Me Jesus Goodnight My Dear The Urban Voodoo Machine's Second Line

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Rare Gumbo

Released: 2013 Tracks: Last Dance Of The Silver Wolf Going Hot Going Down The Death Of Celestina Rose You Got Me (By The Balls) Corpse in My Trunk Killer Sound - EP Version Recipe For Disaster Orphans Lament - EP Version Alone In The City - EP Version Devil On A String Police Paranoia Here Comes The Thunder Emptiness - EP Version Gawkagogo Plenty More Room We Don't Want Your Love Six Weeks On The Road The Real Criminals - EP Version Love Song 666 - EP Version Hells Bells

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In Black ‘n’ Red

Released: 2011 Tracks: Go East Cheers For The Tears S.OS. (Swim or Sink) Rather You Shot Me Down High Jeopardy Thing Run For Your Money Lighting From A Blues Sky Off To Rehab Alone In The City Good For You? Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) Goodbye To Another Year

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Gypsy Hotel Vol.1

Released: 2011 Tracks: Plenty More Room Pub With No Name Sota Good Time Religion Fish 2 Fry Iraq Blues The Story Of Mama Rosin Lonely Nights Home Sweet Hackney Bobby Peru I Put A Spell On You Romantic Ireland is Dead And Gone I slept Late She's A Sham Satan You Kingdom Must Come Down Gawk-a-Gogo

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