Paul-Ronney Angel is writing songs and plotting his new musical project, they will be called The Urban Voodoo Machine and play Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll.
Joe Strummer dies in December and P-R plays a London Tribute show with a rhythm section made up of Gavin Smith on upright bass and J-Roni-Moe on drums.


First show at London School Of Economics supporting The Flaming Stars which features Joe Whitney on drums who will join the band later in the year. The 6-piece line up is: Paul-Ronney Angel (Vocals, Harmonica & Guitar), Nick Marsh (Guitar), Barney Hollington (Violin), Gavin Smith (Upright Bass)  J-Roni-Moe & Jim Jones (Drums)


Release first E.P. “Sounds From The Urban Voodoo Machine” Play many weird and wonderful club nights and parties around London town including Dirty Water Club, Lady Luck and the world’s largest fetish club, Torture Garden. Dr Lloyd Gomez Deville joins on trumpet.


Second E.P. “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Urban Voodoo Machine” is released. The song “Killer Sound” is used in hardcore US sex flick “Black Light Beauty”. They take their show out of London for the first time to the super muddy Glastonbury Festival. Also first shows abroad for Ireland’s Electric Picnic and club shows in Oslo, Norway. Lady Ane starts appearing with the band playing gong and fire breathing.


Third E.P. “With Love From The Urban Voodoo Machine” is released. Play Spitz Festival Of Blues along Seasick Steve and others. Jary starts standing in for Brother Jim on drums as he is about to get busy with The Jim Jones Revue. Gavin Smith is ordained & J-Roni-Moe is pronounced living dead earning them the titles “The Reverend” and “The Late”. The band plays the first ever Gypsy Hotel event in honor of Lady Ane’s 30th, Slim guests on accordion at this show and ends up being a permanent fixture.


Play Shambala Festival & Latitude Festival where Lucifire appears with the band on saxophone. Return to more mud at Glastonbury Festival. Star in shock rock theatre show Texas Chainsaw along The Damned. Do a 4 night stunt at Edinburgh Festival with Lost Vagueness which they are still owed money for!


Tour the USA, UK and Ireland as support to The Pogues. Play headline shows in France, Portugal, Italy and Wales. Meet Space Eko Studios owner Alex McGowan and decide to start work on their debut album with him. Play a very muddy Bestival, Isle Of Wight.


Release debut album “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop”n’Stroll” to rave reviews. Headline London’s Hackney Empire. Tour the UK with The New York Dolls. Play a benefit show for The Big Issue, the magazine P-R used to sell while he was homeless. Release the singles “Always Out” and “Orphans Lament”. Their debut album makes the Top 50 Albums Of The Year in Classic Rock and Big Cheese Magazine as well as on numerous web sites.


Release the single “Love Song 666”. First stadium show alongside Goran Bregovic in Lviv, Ukraine. Also play Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Holland and Germany for the first time. Play to 9000 people supporting Ska-P in Milan, Italy. Star in the award winning short film “Leave Without Running” along Son Of Dave. Take Download Festival by storm despite not being a metal band, and play Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park alongside Paul McCartney. Record “Hells Bells” for AC/DC Tribute CD. Barney Hollington is abducted by aliens and replaced by fiddler Robb “The Kid” Skipper. Lady Ane starts playing the tuba. Nominated for “Best New Band” in the prestigious Classic Rock Awards, they don’t win but P-R gets a free booze up and a 3 course meal. Release single “Goodbye To Another Year” on red 7′ vinyl as well as the soulless download format.


Release second album “In Black’N’Red” the fans and press generally agree it’s even better that their stunning debut. Play Passpop Festival (Holland), The Hells Angels’ Bulldog Bash,Wilderness and Endorse It Festivals in 36 hours (UK), Open House Festival (Northern Ireland), entertain the inmates in Iper Prison in the daytime before an evening show at Dranauter Festival (Belgium) and throw a launch party at London’s legendary 100 Club for the single “High Jeopardy Thing”. Feature on the CD “Gypsy Hotel Vol 1” compiled by Paul-Ronney Angel and former Tour DJ for The Clash, Barry ‘Scratchy’ Myers.  Provide the half time entertainment at a Superbowl match at Crystal Palace Stadium. Write and record a song with autistic children at Pendragon School, South London. Play their first BBC Session. Lady Ane and P-R marries 11/11/11 in New Orleans and the band and Gypsy Hotel crew play and take over the city for a week. “In Black’N’Red” makes Classic Rock Magazine’s Top 50 Albums Of The Year & the song “Cheers For The Tears” makes their Top 100 Songs Of The Year.


Release the single “Rather You Shot Me Down” with a launch party at London’s Garage.
Celebrate Mardi Gras alongside Mama Rosin in Rennes, France.
Play Bearded Theory Festival, Port Eliot Festival, Liverpool Tattoo Convention, Boomtown Fair Festival and return to a warm welcome at Bulldog Bash (UK)
Other memorable tests that year were Sjock Festival (Belgium), Eysines Goes Soul Festival (France) and Into The Great Wide Open (Holland) Release the single ‘Cheers For The Tears’. A lot of the year is spent in the studio working on their 3rd studio album ‘Love, Drink & Death!


The group celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary by releasing a 22 Track Compilation album Rare Gumbo and do a UK tour that ends up at London’s historic Leicester Square Theatre. Other notable shows that year was Power Festival (Belgium), Secret Garden Party (UK) and Glastonbury Festival where they stormed the stage only a few hours before The Rolling Stones got their Ya Ya’s out.
They record the single ‘Help Me Jesus’ / ‘Heroin’ with legendary Dr.Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson. P-R Angel said at the time: “Wilko is one of my all time favourite guitarists and he’d been given a few months to live after being diagnosed with cancer, so I though I’d ask him if he wanted to record with us – we were chuffed he said yes and were super pleased with the results.” The Gospel-inspired song ‘Help Me Jesus’ made the Number 1 spot in Classic Rock Magazine and received heavy rotation on many radio stations. Hallelujah Motherfucker!


Release the single ‘Pipe & Slippers Man’ which featured UK Punk legend Rat Scabies in the video.
Noteable festival appearances that summer were Guilfest, Stockton Weekender, Grillstock & Red Rooster (UK), Ezperanzah (Belgium) Sziget Fetival (Hungary) & the Silja Rock Cruise between Finland and Sweden. Release their 3rd studio album ‘Love, Drink & Death!’ (“Furiously energetic and versatile” – The Guardian) Robb ‘The Kid’ Skipper dies in October aged 28 after battling heroin addiction.

Love, Drink & Death! makes the top 50 Albums of the Year in many publications including Vive Le Rock, Classic Rock, Uber Rock and some that don’t have Rock in their title and wins the Pure Rawk Award for Artwork Of The Year.


Headline Vive Le Valentine in London along with comrades Los Plantronics, this was to be Nick Marsh’s last ever show with the band and new trombone player George ‘Le Boner’ Simmond’s first ever show.
Release the single ‘Goodnight My Dear’. Spend a lot of the year back at Space Eko Studios with Alex McGowan working on their 4th studio album ‘HELLBOUND HYMNS’. Nick Marsh dies in June aged 53 after a long struggle with cancer and the band give him a New Orleans Second Line style funeral. Nick’s death spawns The Urban Voodoo Marching Band and they are the only band to play the Classic Rock Awards that year without electricity. They tour the UK, Europe and elsewhere and release the Single ‘Crazy Maria’ in December which created a dance craze in a small village in Mexico.


January: A Chinese company stole their logo for their sports wear (lycra cycling gear to be precise!). Apparently the big corporations could not sue the Chinese bootleggers, so what chance does a Bourbon Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll Orchestra from East London have? None. “Even if they paid us we would not have endorsed that bollocks!” screamed The Late-J-Roni-Moe from his coffin when he found out about it.
February: Paul-Ronney Angel is nominated for ‘Front Person Of The Year’ in the Pure Rawk Awards. His reply: “That’s cool that someone would think that of me, but right now I’m off to the Calais Refugee Jungle with Jary to distribute some rice, so whoever gets the most internet clicks seem a little unimportant right now.”

May: HELLBOUND HYMS will be released. Their 4th studio album has 13 tracks from the band who is now in their 13th year and features the late Nick Marsh on 8 of the tracks.